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Colin Twiggs

Presented by Colin Twiggs

A former investment banker with a wide range of experience in fundamental analysis, technical analysis, investment management and a special interest in macroeconomics.

I focus on the key areas of trading and investing: Technical analysis, Fundamental analysis, the Economy, Money Management, Self Management and Trade Management skills needed to survive and profit in today’s markets.

Improve Your Trading/Investing Performance

Incredible Charts Trading Courses is a new division of Incredible Charts Education focused on improving your trading and/or investing performance.

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge needed to survive and profit in today’s markets.

There are many courses on Technical Analysis and Trading. Some offer to turn you into an expert trader in the space of a few weeks. Others promise wealth and fortune; easy money at the click of a mouse. All we can promise is hard work and the reward, if you persevere, of greater confidence in managing your investments — through a better understanding of stock market behavior and how to manage risk and reward.

We cannot guarantee that you will never make mistakes but we believe you can improve your effectiveness as an investor/trader if you adhere to our Keep It Simple approach to Technical Analysis and Trading/Investing.

No A to Z of Technical Analysis

My courses are not an A to Z of Technical Analysis and Trading Setups. You can get that from a range of books at your local bookstore or online.

We bypass vast areas of Technical Analysis that we believe to be of lesser importance and focus on the core skills needed to survive and profit in today’s markets.

No A to Z of Technical Indicators

This course focuses on technical analysis, not technical indicators. I use technical indicators to scan for trading and investment opportunities but not for decision-making.

While indicators may promise a short-cut to trading success, in my experience this is a false promise. Technical indicators can provide confusing and contradictory signals and lead to poor decision-making.

When You Summarize You Sacrifice

I believe technical indicators highlight certain aspects of a chart at the expense of others. The best source of information is always the chart itself.