New Format

Thank you for your interest in Incredible Charts Trading Courses.

Based on feedback from readers, and potential license issues raised, I have decided to amend the format of the course and apologize for any inconvenience caused to those who had already booked.

How to Survive & Profit in Today’s Markets

How to Survive & Profit in Today's Markets

Part I of How to Survive & Profit in Today’s Markets will now be presented online, with regular posts and/or videos, but no online seminars. This will remove the restriction on course numbers, overcome the issues presented by different time zones and enable each participant to work at their own pace.

New Price

There will be no charge for Part I. All you need is a subscription to Incredible Charts.

Course Schedule

Use of video will slow the preparation of course content but I will do my best to have the first sessions available by mid-August 2016.

Please post feedback or questions on the website or call us at the numbers provided.

Yours Sincerely,

Colin Twiggs

Colin Twiggs